We divide abrasive products into:

-bonded abrasive tools - abrasive products combined with a binder;   

-coated abrasive tools - sheet-shaped products, tapes, discs, etc. of paper, fabric or fiber substrates on which the abrasive layer is held with natural or synthetic adhesives or combinations thereof;     

-abrasive and polishing pastes - a suspension of fine-grained natural or synthetic abrasive or polishing material in a medium with a consistency from liquid to solid.


The bonded abrasive tools include:     


-grinding wheels - tools in the form of a rotary body for grinding;

-abrasive segments - tools of various shapes working in sets (fixed in a suitable body) constituting the so-called Segmented wheels for front face grinding;    

-sanding abrasives - tools in the form of elongated solids with a square, rectangular, triangular, round and semicircular cross-section - intended for machine or manual finishing, including sharpening household and household tools.

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