Lathe Chucks

Lathe chucks can be divided into various types.

Self-centering lathe chucks owe their name to the fact, that when the scroll is thightened or loosened with the key, lathe chuck jaws move in unison (in a concentric way). Self-centering chucks are most frequently used for mouting regularly shaped workpieces (cylindrical, hexagonal, square).


Lathe chucks with mechanical mouting are designed for serial production. They have three principal advantages over manually mounted chucks:

a) quicker and easier mounting of the workpiece,

b) maintaining constant clamping force throughout the machining process,

c) elimination of hard manual work.


Pneumatic, hydraulic and power tools can be used for chucking and unchucking mechanically mounted lathe chucks.


Lathe chucks are available with either cast iron or steel bodies.

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