Precision Modular Vise 175MM FPZ175
  • Precision Modular Vise 175MM FPZ175
  • Precision Modular Vise 175MM FPZ175

Precision Modular Vise, Module II - 175MM FPZ175

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Jaw width: 175 mm

Jaw height: 60 mm

Weight: 18 kg


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Properties and application:

  • Precision modular vises FPZ are widely used on milling machines, grinding machines, electroerosion machines and CNC machining centers
  • Made of high-quality alloy steel
  • The hardness of working surface is 58-62HRC
  • Permissible deviation of the height of base ± 0.01mm allows to use several vises simultaneously
  • When replacing the jaws, remachining of the working surfaces connected to the vise is necessary in order to acquire accuracy parameters specified in the techninal documentation
  • Perfect solution for various applications
  • Alternative for single and double vises


Precision Modular Vise FPZ

S 175 mm
h 60 mm
L 240 mm
H 117 mm
A 145 mm
H1 58±0,01 mm
D 16 mm
Weight 18 kg

Mounting examples:

Precision Modular Vise FPZ - DARMET

Modular DARMET vises allow ideal mounting of even large workpieces that require the heaviest machining using the machine table as the surface.
Modular vises constitute an ideal solution for various applications and a perfect complement or alternative for single or double-action vises.
Hardened and ground steel construction allows maximum machining performance with:
  • increased clamping power
  • total exclusion of vibrations
  • greater precision of work
Modular elements are standard vise elements: movable and fixed section, which results in complete independence and increased versatility of use.
Modular construction provides possibility of wide variety of setups and solutions.

Accuracy parameters:

Precision Modular Vise FPZ


Data sheet

Jaw Width
175 mm
Jaw Height
60 mm

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