Modular Machine Steel Precision Vise FPZB 100/100
  • Modular Machine Steel Precision Vise FPZB 100/100
  • Modular Machine Steel Precision Vise FPZB 100/100
  • Modular Machine Steel Precision Vise FPZB 100/100

Precision Machine Steel Vise 100 MM CNC, for milling, grinding work - 100/100

PLN2,001.21 tax incl.

1627 tax excl.

Jaw width: 100 mm

Jaw height: 30 mm

Jaw opening: 100 mm

Overall length of the vise : 270 mm

Weight: 10,85 kg


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Properties and application:

  • Precision vise,made of high-grade alloy steel.
  • It is characterized by high accuracy and high repeatability of clamping force.
  • The hardness of the material on the working surface is 58 - 62 HRC.
  • Used, among others, in machining centers, numerically controlled machines, for precision work on grinding machines and conventional machine tools.
  • The perpendicularity tolerance of the working surface of the body from the base is ± 0.01 mm, which allows several vices to work in an assembly.
  • It is possible to use different jaw inserts.
  • Jaw inserts allow precise and repeatable clamping of the workpiece with its pressure on the vise base.
  • The movable jaw in the vise is quickly repositionable.
  • It is fixed with pressure feet in channels located on both sides of the vise.
  • The vise can be mounted on a swivel base which allows 360° rotation.
  • Swivel base sold separately.
  • Along with the vise, the set includes
    - Alignment Keys
    - Vise Mounting clamps
    - Work stop
    - Wrench key
    - allen key
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Precision Machine Vise FPZB

S 100 mm
amax 100 mm
h 30 mm
H1 35±0,01 mm
H 63 mm
A 75 mm
L1 78 mm
L 270 mm
D 16 mm
Clamping force 3000 daN
Weight 10,85 kg


Docisk metali

Pływające wkładki


Szczęka stała

Movable jaw holder with clamping screw ensures quick and easy clamping Floating inserts fitted in the jaws with clearance which guarantees proper mounting of the workpiece Holes fixing the position of the steel ball and the holder

Possibility to move the fixed jaw with 5 mm step by 180°, which is mounted with 4 allen screws


Accuracy parameters:

Precision Machine Vise FPZB


Data sheet

Jaw Width
100 mm
Jaw Height
30 mm
Jaw Opening
100 mm

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