Drill sleeve MS6/MS5 (DM-170)
  • Drill sleeve MS6/MS5 (DM-170)
  • Drill sleeve MS6/MS5 (DM-170)

Morse Taper Adapter Drill sleeve MT6/MT5 (DM-170) DARMET

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External Morse taper: MT6

Internal Morse taper: MT5

Length: 218 mm

Weight: 1,95 kg


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Properties and application:

  • Drill sleeve designed for mounting tools with Morse taper with a tang, such as DIN 345 drills or end mills
  • Used when the tool's shank size is smaller than that of a toolholder or a spindle of the machine
  • Ground external and internal taper
  • Because the Morse taper is self-locking a bean-shaped through hole in the upper part of the sleeve is used to take out the tool with the help of a drill drift
  • Wedge-shaped drill drift strikes the tang of the tool, causing it to unlock and go out of the sleeve


Drill sleeve DM-170

K (Morse) MT6  
K1 (Morse) MT5  
D 63,8 mm
d 44,399 mm
L 218 mm
Tolerance 0,020 mm
Weight 1,95 kg

Data sheet

Shank size
Morse 6
Inside taper
Morse 5

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