Mark everything you own, whether for personal or business use. This is a great way to identify your property especially if stolen. Once the impression is marked, it will last a life time and can’t be altered. Mark wood, steel, metal, plastic, leather.

Each hand stamp is made of carbon tool steel. It has a special heat treatment so it won’t shatter under stress. The stamp will mark materials up to 50 on the Rockwell C scale. Remember, when working with steel stamps, wear safety glasses to prevent flying particles from damaging your eye. Each steel letter and number hand stamp are furnished in gothic-style characters, level on the face and square with the shank, with crowned hammer ends.

It is not unusual to overestimate the size of stamp needed. A stamp is measured from cutting edge to cutting edge. Impression size may vary with the depth of penetration. The easiest way to determine what size letter or number hand stamp you need is to determine what size mark you want made once the impression is made. If you already have a hand stamp and don’t know what size it is, just make an impression of the stamp on a piece of paper and then measure that impression with a ruler.

Steel Hand Stamps

The following are 4 easy steps on how to use your hand stamp.

  • Step 1: Draw guidelines on the item to be marked. Position item on a flat, solid surface.
  • Step 2: Firmly grasp the stamp halfway down the shank.
  • Step 3: Position the stamp straight up and down between the guidelines. Rest hand firmly on the item to be marked.
  • Step 4: With one moderate but solid blow of a hammer, mark the item.