Centers are used to accurately position a workpiece about its point or axis between a lathe chuck or head stock spindle and tail stock spindle. Enables the workpiece torotate or revolve and helps to ensure concentric work

Types of Centers

Live Centers

Live (Revolving) Centers: Revolve with their workpiece. They hold ball bearings inside that allow the center to prevent wearing to its ends. Live centers allow more force,higher turning speeds (without separate lubrication) and tighter gripping on work than plain centers, further reducing sideways movement during turning operations.

Standard Point Live Centers:

Offer increased rigidity over extended points, although tool clearance may not be as strong.

live center standard point

Extended Point Live Centers:

Are recommended for operations where by exceptional tool clearance is your top priority.

live center extended points

Bull Nose Live Centers:

Feature a shallower end than do plain centers, enabling the center to hold tubing, pipe or hollow shafts.

live center bull nose

Interchangeable inserts Live Center:

Supplied with different interchangeable inserts, which enable variety of applications. Inserts can be easily mounted and later removed with the use of extractor.

interchangeable inserts live center

Live Center Applications

CNC Heavy Duty: CNC lathes
Super Accurate: Grinding
Spring Type: Light/medium-duty work
Heavy Duty/ Extra Heavy Duty: Large parts
Triple Bearing: Medium-duty work
Double Bearing: Light-duty work
Quad-Bearing: Heavy loads
Bull Nose: Parts with large center holes

Dead (Plain) Centers

Dead (Plain) Centers:

Do not rotate and provide workpiece support at either the fixed or rotating end of a machine. Within the fixed position, dead centers create frictionbetween the workpiece and the center, requiring lubrication to prevent friction welding.

Dead (Plain) Centers

Half Dead Centers:

Are used specifically for facing, as they allow a cutting tool to face the end of the work without bumping into the center. They are best used foradditional wheel clearance when grinding small parts with diameters smaller than that of the dead center. Half dead centers come either with a full carbon steelconstruction or with carbide tips.

half dead center