ER25 - DIN40 Collet Chuck (DM-400)
  • ER25 - DIN40 Collet Chuck (DM-400)

CAT40 V-flange Collet Chuck ER25 DIN40 - DARMET (DM-400)

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Shank size: DIN 40 (DIN69871);

Collet series: ER25;

Length: 70 mm


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Properties and application:

  • ER25 collet chuck for mounting tools with a cylindrical shank, mainly for end mills
  • Stamped on the collar for quick recognition
  • Taper shank DIN 69871 with a drawbar thread
  • Used in lathes and CNC machines
  • Works on all CAT40 machines
  • Very durable toolholder for high machine speeds
  • Specially designed collar enables automatic tool change in CNC
  • Retention knobs have to be used with the toolholder for automatic change to be possible
  • You can easily tighten and unscrew the nut using a special wrench
  • You can use a tool tightening fixture to conveniently mount the tool in the collect chuck


ER Collet Chuck with DIN96871 Shank

K (DIN69871) DIN40  
Collet ER25  
D 42 mm
D1 44,45 mm
L1 70 mm
1,2 kg

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How to install ER collets:


Data sheet

Shank size
DIN 40 (DIN69871)
Collet chuck style
Collet series

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