Boring Head GWZ-75
  • Boring Head GWZ-75

Boring Head 12 - 225 mm GWZ-75 - DARMET

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319 tax excl.

Delivery: 3 to 6 weeks

Boring head diameter: 75 mm;

Boring bar shank diameter: 18 mm


Shipping Rates

Properties and aplication:

  • Boring head with wide range of boring diameters: Ø12 - Ø225
  • Mouting with threaded shank (1-1/2")
  • Scale division: 0,01 mm (per side)
  • Compatible boring bars: GWZN-75
  • Boring bar shank diameter: Ø18 mm
  • CAUTION: When installing the bar in left side holes, use the left tool.



Boring Head GWZ


D 75 mm
H 80,2 mm
Offset 25 mm
d 18 mm
Weight 2,0 kg

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