Clamp (CPD2211)
  • Clamp (CPD2211)

Clamp (CPD2211)

PLN20.91 tax incl.

17 tax excl.

Delivery: 3 to 6 weeks

Shipping Rates

Compatible wih turning external toolholders:
DDJNR/L 2020K11
DDJNR/L 2525M11
DDPNN 2020K11
DDPNN 2525M11
DDQNR/L 2020K11
DDQNR/L 2525M11
DTGNR/L 2020K16
DTGNR/L 2525M16
DTGNR/L 3225P16
DTGNR/L 3232P16
DTFNR/L 2020K16
DTFNR/L 2525M16
DTFNR/L 3225P16
DTFNR/L 3232P16

Data sheet

Turning toolholder accesorie type

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