Clamping stud (CLM0617)
  • Clamping stud (CLM0617)

Clamping stud (CLM0617)

PLN12.55 tax incl.

10.2 tax excl.

Delivery: 3 to 6 weeks

Shipping Rates

Compatible wih internal and external turning toolholders:
MCLNR/L 1616H12 S40T-MCKNR/L12
MCLNR/L 2020K12 S50U-MCKNR/L12
MCLNR/L 2525M12 S32S-MCLNR/L12
MCLNR/L 3225P12 S40T-MCLNR/L12
MCLNR/L 3232P12 S50U-MCLNR/L12
MCBNR/L 2020K12 S32S-MDQNR/L15
MCBNR/L 2525M12 S40T-MDQNR/L15
MCBNR/L 3225P12 S32S-MDUNR/L15
MCKNR/L 2020K12 S40T-MDUNR/L15
MCKNR/L 2525M12 S25R-MDZNR/L15
MCKNR/L 3225P12 S32S-MDZNR/L15
MDJNR/L 2020K1504 S40T-MDZNR/L15
MDJNR/L 2525M1504 S32S-MSKNR/L12
MDJNR/L 3232P1504 S40T-MSKNR/L12
MDPNN 2020K1504 S32S-MWLNR/L08
MDPNN 2525M1504 S40T-MWLNR/L08
MDPNN 3232P1504  
MDQNR/L 2020K1504  
MDQNR/L 2525M1504  
MDQNR/L 3232P1504  
MSBNR/L 2020K12  
MSBNR/L 2525M12  
MSBNR/L 3225P12  
MSRNR/L 2020K12  
MSRNR/L 2525M12  
MSRNR/L 3225P12  
MSKNR/L 2020K12  
MSKNR/L 2525M12  
MSKNR/L 3225P12  
MSDNN 2020K12  
MSDNN 2525M12  
MSDNN 3225P12  
MSSNR/L 2020K12  
MSSNR/L 2525M12  
MSSNR/L 3225P12  
MSSNR/L 3232P12  
MTGNR/L 2525M22  
MTGNR/L 3232P22  
MTJNR/L 2525M22  
MTJNR/L 3232P22  
MTJNR/L(B) 2525M22B  
MTJNR/L(B) 3232P22B  
MTFNR/L 2525M22  
MTFNR/L 3232P22  
MTQNR/L 2525M22  
MTQNR/L 3232P22  
MWLNR/L 2020K08  
MWLNR/L 2525M08  
MWLNR/L 3225P08  
MWLNR/L 3232P08  
MRGNR/L 2020K12  
MRGNR/L 2525M12  
MRGNR/L 3225P12  
MRGNR/L 3232P12  
MRDNN 2020K12  
MRDNN 2525M12  
MRDNN 3225P12  
MRDNN 3232P12  

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