Precision Machine Vises

Machine vices are mainly used on milling machines and grinding machines. They are characterized by solid construction, compact design and high clamping force. Based on the material of the body, we can divide vices into: cast iron, steel, aluminum.

The machine vise can be mounted directly on the machine tool table or indirectly, i.e. with a base, when there is a need to set the vise at the required angle to the horizontal axis of the table, i.e. to use it as a rotary vise.

For direct fixing of the vise on the machine tool table, locating keys are used, which are sunk in the channel of the vise with one part and the other (protruding) in the central T-slot of the milling table. Machine vices have one or two channels for locating keys. In addition to channels for locating keys, machine vices have a socket to locate them on the base.

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