Self-Reversing Tapping Head

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Brief introduction to tapping using self-reversing GGZR tapping head.

GGZR tapping heads are equipped with special mechanism which enables automatic reversing movement, provides protection against overload and allows to adjust the torque. They are to be used on vertical machines only. There are three tapping head sizes for you to choose from, with the theard range of M2 - M7, M5 - M12 and M8 - M18.

Each tapping head set contains two Morse taper shanks for mounting in the spindle of the machine.There are various types and sizes of Morse tapers avaiable, depending on the tapping head model.
The follwing tapping heads contain:
  • M2-M7: MK2 and MK3 taper shanks with J33 taper,
  • M5-M12: MK3 and MK4 taper shanks with M16 thread,
  • M8-M18: MK3 and MK4 taper shanks with M20 thread.

Chwyty Morse'a do głowicy gwinciarskiej.

Morse taper shankd with thread

Tapping head installation

Before any tapping operations, Morse taper shank must be attached to the body of the tapping head. Assembled head is mounted into the spindle of the machine.

Głowica gwinciarska GGZR z chwytem

Self-reversing tapping head with Morse taper
Brake rod is mounted in the special hole on the girt of the head. It must be set on the machine in such a way, as to block the rotation of the head.

cięgno hamulcowe do głowicy nawrotnej GGZR

Brake rod mounted in the tapping head
Set also contains two multi-range Rubber-flex collets. They guarantee precise, centric clamping on the whole clamping range thanks to the parallel jaw inserts, joint together with special rubber, which exert uniform and accurate gripping over the collet length. Rubber-flex collets are put in the tapping head holder.


Rubber-flex collet in the holder of the tapping head

Tap mounting

Machine taps are mounted in the tapping head with the use of aligning keys (M5-M12 model) or by inserting the square shank of the tap into the clamp and then tightening the blocking screw.

kamienie ustawcze

Aligning keys


Clamp hole

When the tap is mounted, tighten the holder nut with one of the spanners found in the set.

Depending on the tapping diameter and selected material, proper torque needs to be set (there are numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 on the girt). Lower numbers are designated for small taps and soft materials, higher numbers for larger taps and harder materials. When issues with tapping occur despite setting the higher torque, initial and finish tapping ought to b used.

moment obrotowy dla głowicy gwinciarskiej
Torque graduation


Position tapped hole on the axis of the tapping head, turn on suitable spindle rotation and act according to the following description:

    • pull out the spindle with the tap and to touch the material
    • begin tapping delving the tap into the hole,
    • stop the in-feed of the spindle when the required depth of the hole is obtained, while the head will continue tapping until it reaches threshold value of longitudinal compensation and turns off rotation of the tap,
    • start pulling the head up - the head with the tap will start rotating in the opposite direction and the tap will be twisted out of the hole; time-saving reverse motion - the tap reverses faster (1,75:1),
    • when the tap is entirely pulled out, rotation to the right will be turned on automatically.

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